The Venus Factor – Weight Loss in a Healthy, Feminine Way

If you are looking for a weight loss system that will not require you to count calories or forbid you to consume your favorite meals, yet will prompt weight loss in a healthy and efficient way, the Venus Factor is the diet program for you.

The system is based on a whole new principle: instead of limiting what you eat and working out for hours every day, the program will promote fat loss in a completely customized way, with accurate calculations based on your Venus Index.

What is the Venus Index?

The Venus Factor does not require dieters to stick to a low calories diet or to follow a very strenuous exercise regimen and work out for hours to get results. The first thing to do before actually starting to follow the plan is to calculate your Venus Index. According to the basic principle of the system, the ideal body is not calculated by merely linking your height to your weight. We all have a different body construction and the ideal weight must be calculated based on our specific physical givens.

The Venus Index is calculated based on the measurements of your shoulders, your waist and your hip. The ideal waist size is 38% of your height; your ideal hip size is your ideal waist multiplied by 1.42, while the ideal shoulder width is the ideal hip times 1.62 - these are the calculations that will define your actual fat loss goals.

The Way to Your Weight Loss Goals

The Venus Factor review will help you achieve your ideal measurements with the help of the right diet and the right exercise plan. Another advantage of the Venus system is that it does not propose a starvation diet. You can continue enjoying your favorite meals, in limited quantities, of course, and the workout regimen is composed of special, targeted exercising that work exactly the right body parts like the belly, the sighs and the bottom.

Final Thoughts

The Venus system is efficient and easy to follow. The complex system will offer you much more than a simple weight loss diet combined with exercise: it will help you achieve your best shape and reach the top of your femininity in an efficient way.

The fat loss achieved with the help of the Venus Factor is healthy and long lasting and the system is suitable for ladies of any age and any fitness level; don't hesitate to try the program, as it will cost you a fraction of the price of diet pills and the package comes with 60 days money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.